PushDelivered (API) Generic Functions

Below are some useful JavaScript functions that will allow you to create more targeted notifications, which creates a better experience for your subscribers:


Tracking Attributes:

To track attributes on a user (for instance, store their first name), call this JavaScript method:

_webpushTrackAttributes( {attributes} );

We can use this to store a single attribute, like a user’s first name, like so:


Or we can use it to store multiple attributes, like a user’s first name, age, and favorite animal, like so:

“favorite_animal”:”Ring-tailed lemur”

Variable Names:

“first_name”, “fname”, “zip”, “zip_code”, “age” & “favorite_animal” are just variable names. You could use any naming convention to store that data/information.

Tracking Events: 

If we want to track events on a user, we would use:

_webpushTrackEvent( category, action, optional_label, optional_value );

For instance, let’s say that a user is on our site, and they clicked on a button that links to an article on our blog site. We could call:

_webpushTrackEvent( ‘Website’, ‘Clicked’, ‘Blog’, ‘Super Exciting News’ );

This is incredibly useful because we can segment users in useful ways, such as:

  • Users on our Website who Clicked the ‘Super Exciting News’ Blog
  • Users on our Website who Clicked any Blog link